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    HAAAA. Yup. When I was a high school Sophomore and I was applying to get into college early (I’m an overachiever like...
  5. certainshadeofmoreno said: i hope the post-racial america hashtag is meant to be in quotes.
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    I’m still flipping out over what I put on the 2010 census. I consider myself Black, but Black has always meant something...
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    I can relate to this article. I would also like to point out some of the difficult might also stem from not always being...
  8. jacksonmichaelsphotog said: It will not matter in the end. I was at a golf tournament today. The one thing I noticed was that the majority of people at the event were White and then there were several people who appear to be multiracial. I think the will be the majority as time
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